Letter from President 2013

March 1, 2013

Dear Wesley Heights Residents:

My name is Shannon Hughes and I am your new Community Association President.  I am excited to be a part of the Wesley Heights Community and I hope that we can encourage all residents to become active in it this year!  There are currently seven board members in addition to myself.  Some of these folks have served on the board for years and others are new.  Please join me in welcoming all of them as they dedicate their time to help bring the neighborhood together.  Below are their titles and names respectively.

First Vice President:  Chris Carbuto

Second Vice President: Brad Yeary

Recording Secretary:  Anita Mobley

Treasurer:  Stacy Rogers

Corresponding Secretary:  Brad Norvell

Corresponding Treasurer:  Terry Tiamid

Administrator/Tech Support:  Carolyn Kellogg

Wesley Heights Community Association has been inactive over the past year but with your help we can turn that around.  We need a flourishing association that gets residents involved and energized.  With an active association we are able to do so many things that will benefit Wesley Heights, the neighboring communities and neighborhood businesses.  Our first Board meeting was February 20th and we discussed countless opportunities in 2013 for Wesley Heights.  I’m sure we will have many additional items to add to the list as the year progresses, but these are hot topics we discussed at the last Board meeting.

  • Sponsoring FreeMoreWest 5K run thru Wesley Heights
  • Greenway Beautification for Wesley Heights section of Charlotte Greenway
  • Grants from the city for neighborhood beautification
  • Rezoning of Property on S. Summit (Open Kitchen Overflow Parking Currently) for high end apartments
  • Corner of Freedom and Morehead Potential Rezoning of A&M Bank Property for Dunkin Donuts
  • Paypal Account for residents who want to pay dues online
  • Investment of Wesley Heights Funds into higher interest bearing accounts
  • Encouraging every resident to attend and become active in this association

In order to achieve these goals, we need your help volunteering time and paying dues. The dues are necessary to sponsor the events listed above and to pay for any community gatherings we plan.  It is also important to know that only residents that have paid their dues are eligible to participate in voting at the meetings.  Our new Board Members are more than excited to get things humming again.  With all of the new life in the area let’s suit up and jump in to make this year a fantastic one for Wesley Heights!  We look forward to seeing you at our second quarterly meeting on March 26th.  A location for the meeting will be announced later.


Click Here to print an invoice for the 2013 Annual Dues in the amount of $30 ($15 for those residents 55 years and older) per householdWe are also now able to accept online payments using Paypal (Click Here to Pay online).

If you have any questions regarding Association Dues, you may contact us directly at 704-751-7209 or by email at board@wesleyheightshistoric.com


Shannon Hughes

President – Wesley Heights Community Association


~~If you are interested in receiving Wesley Heights Crime Alerts, Board Updates or Participating in the Message Board just send your email address in with your dues or write us an email to request the services you want to sign up for.  All 3 of these distribution lists are different.  Crime alerts are only for CMPD related crimes.  The Board Updates include neighborhood happenings, events, rezoning issues, etc.  The Message Board is where neighbors can communicate freely about suspicious behavior, yard sales, lost pets, etc.  ~~